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Welcome to my personal website! Here I want to share my endeavors and experiences around the technical intricacies of digital content creation for real-time 3D applications with you.

About Me

Olaf Haag

That's Me!

Technical Artist, Psychologist

I worked in the games industry, now study psychology, and recently started to collaborate on a digital health product.


about solving complex and also smaller technical problems to help a team of creatives reach its vision. I find satisfaction in developing tools and workflows needed for a streamlined art pipeline. Establishing appealing visuals together and working towards a common goal is my drive. For that, I’m eager to dive into the deep end. Lately, I’m excited about procedural content generation.


and enjoy discovering new technologies and latest advances for content creation and optimization. I find it inspiring and energizing to learn from other skilled tech-artists, or sharing my knowledge. To satisfy my scientific curiosity, I studied psychology to get a better understanding of cognitive processes, behavior, and perception. This also made me a better communicator.


in making 3D games. I spent five years in the games industry as part of a team to receive awards for Best German Game and Best German Roleplaying Game. During my academic interlude these past years, I was able to apply and further develop my knowledge and skills. I helped researchers and students realize their experiments in virtual reality and record motion capture data.

My Skills

I’m skilled in several digital content creation tools and in Python Programming.

My current focus is on procedural environment art and tools scripting, but I’m really interested in any technical problem solving. I also dabble in several open source tools and like to try new technologies, e.g. tools for photogrammetry workflows. During my time at the university I was gathering experience in Motion Capture Technologies with an optical marker based system (Phasespace) as well as suit-based system (XSens).

skilled in

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Motionbuilder

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • DigitalFossil's Nvil

  • Krita

  • Inkscape/Adobe Illustrator

  • Python Programming language

  • getting familiar with

  • SideFX Houdini

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Unity Software

  • Substance Designer

  • Blender

  • Meshroom (Alice Vision)

    • 01- 3D Modeling (Environment, Hard-Surface)

    • 02- Procedural Content Generation (SideFX Houdini)

    • 03- Python Scripting

    • 04- Motion Capture

    • 05- VFX

    • 06- Data Analyses


    Shipped Games


    Award Winning Games


    Years Experience

    My Work

    If an image title is rendered in black, click on it to go to its blog post and see more.

    Vectorfields Python Package

    Vectorfields Python Package

    My open source parametric vectorfield/flowmap generator script.

    Rendering with Luxrender

    Rendering with Luxrender

    Sculpted in Sculptris, Rendered in Bledner with Luxrender

    Village House Generator

    Village House Generator

    Houdini Digital Asset in early stage.



    Testing Houdini’s Modeling features. Red nodes are the only ones with manual component selection.

    Stylized Rock Generator

    Stylized Rock Generator

    Houdini Digital Asset for stylized rocks. Click name to see more.



    Modeling in Nvil.

    T-Shirt Print Template

    T-Shirt Print Template

    Word pun on a shirt.

    Student Project in VR

    Student Project in VR

    Items for a student project of third semesters researching threat stimuli in VR.

    Blog Posts

    Stepped Gradients in Substance Designer

    I found myself in an increasing need for stepped gradients inside Substance Designer lately, so I evaluated a few methods I could think of for creating them. You might use them, for example, to build a Color ID map for use in a Multi-Material Blend node.

    • #substance
    • #procedural-art
    • #environment-art
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    Vectorfields Python Package

    This little project started at a little game jam with the topic “electricity”. I wanted to do something with particles and controlling their flow with formulas, but the available methods for creating vector fields at the time where either too complicated for this small task, or too time consuming or bound to purchasing a software license.

    • #python
    • #vfx
    • #unity
    • #ue4
    • #vectorfields
    • #flowmaps
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    Stylized Rock Generator (Part 1)

    I got inspired by an early presentation video for The Cycle that is produced here in Berlin. I saw these rocks that look like they’ve been washed out or that had big parts blasted away.

    • #houdini
    • #work-in-progress
    • #procedural-modeling
    • #environment-art
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